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Dr Raja Sawhney

Plastic Surgeon - MBBS, FRACS

Dr Raja Sawhney is a well-established and respected Board Certified Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgeon. As the Director of Sculpted Clinic on the Gold Coast of Australia, he specialises in Reconstructive surgery including deformities caused by trauma or cancer. His vast experience, skill and knowledge in complex breast surgery including complications of breast augmentation and cancer reconstruction presents a unique opportunity to his patients on the Gold Coast.

Dr Raja Sawhney believes that utilising surgical and non-surgical techniques, all parts of the body can be corrected, rejuvenated or enhanced. Owing to his vast clinical background in reconstructive plastic surgery, Dr Raja provides each and every one of his patients with unmatched expertise, support and empathy in an ever caring and considerate manner. His exacting, professional and sympathetic care is intertwined with his extensive expertise and experience, which provides immeasurable benefits to his patients.

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