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10 Year Flashback – Laser Resurfacing

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Dr Shobhan Manoharan is one of Australia’s leading laser dermatologists. He studied medicine at the University of Queensland, has worked in the United Kingdom and Australia, has extensive surgical experience and has sub-specialised in cosmetic and laser dermatology. He is highly skilled in using lasers for skin rejuvenation, producing outstanding and long lasting results.

co2 laser resurfacing

What is the 10-Year Flashback ™?

The 10-Year Flashback™ is Dr Manoharan’s signature laser resurfacing procedure, combining CO2 and Erbium:YAG lasers at ablative and fractional settings.

Developed over a decade of experience with laser resurfacing, Dr Manoharan combines state of the art CO2 and Erbium lasers to either treat the full face, or specific areas of concern such as the lower face, mouth or around the eyes. Dr Shobhan Manoharan’s intensive approach and groundbreaking techniques provide patients with significant transformations, many patients saying they feel and look a decade younger – hence the term “10-Year Flashback ™’.

The treatment is performed in our specialised laser suites at Newstead and can be performed either under light sedation or twilight anaesthetic with our anaesthetist.

non-invasive facelift with Dr Manoharan

Who is a good candidate for this treatment?

Patients who have significant lines and wrinkles on the face and neck, or extensive sun damage on lighter skin are often the ideal candidates for CO2 laser resurfacing. This is also an option for patients who have acne scarring, or younger patients who have had lighter treatments in the past but are looking for a more intensive treatment with more significant results.

What is my downtime after treatment?

Depending on your skin type and concerns, downtime varies from one to two weeks, after which most can return to normal work, exercise, wear makeup and sunscreen.

How many treatments will I need?

Dr Shobhan Manoharan’s innovative laser techniques will provide you with exceptional results in just one treatment. However, depending on your skin type, concerns and downtime, he will prescribe a plan of action that will then maintain your improvements after the initial treatment.

Dr Manoharan leading Laser resurfacing cosmetic dermatologist

Laser Resurfacing with Dr Manoharan.

Dr Manoharan is a big advocate of educating his patients on their options and combinations of treatments so that their desired aesthetic goals can be achieved. No two patients are the same, and Dr Manoharan’s job is to tailor a bespoke plan to help each individual look and feel their best.

As Dr Manoharan is one of the few laser dermatologists to perform this level of resurfacing in the country, patients often travel from interstate and overseas to receive this treatment.

Laser resurfacing in this form can be combined with surgical face/neck lifts if required, and Dr Manoharan cross-refers with his plastic surgical colleagues for the best outcomes.

Tele consults are available for patients outside of Brisbane, so please contact Brisbane Skin to organise a consultation if you think this may suit you.

**All invasive procedures carry risk. Please obtain a second opinion from a suitably qualified medical practitioner before proceeding. Results may vary.

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