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Fine Lines + Wrinkles

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Wrinkles and fine lines form because of two main reasons: natural ageing and outside factors. As we age, our skin loses some of its elasticity and becomes thinner, which makes wrinkles more likely. Things like too much sun exposure, smoking, and not taking care of your skin can speed up this process. These factors cause the skin to lose its firmness and develop lines. So, wrinkles are a mix of how our bodies naturally change over time and how we treat our skin.

At Brisbane Skin, our dedicated team of doctors and aesthetic nurse practitioners can address your fine line and wrinkle concerns. They can both help reduce and prevent wrinkle formation.


Fine Lines and Wrinkle Formation

Where Are The Most Common Areas Where Fine Lines + Wrinkles Form?


  • Frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Forehead
  • Crow’s feet (the wrinkles that extend from the outer corners of the eyes)
  • Bunny lines
  • Around the mouth
  • Corners of the mouth

What Are Your Options?

At Brisbane Skin, we encourage our patients to ask questions. Our medical professionals take care that everyone receives a comprehensive explanation of what to expect before, during, and after a treatment. We encourage you to book a complimentary consultation to discuss your skin concerns.

Tips For Cosmetic Success?

Choose an Experienced Practitioner

An experienced practitioner with on the ground support from one of the world’s leading cosmetic specialist dermatologists, Dr Shobhan Manoharan, and with a passion for patient satisfaction will listen to your concerns, give you a realistic assessment of your skin, and make recommendations as to a course of treatment.

Understand Your Treatment

This will be clearly explained to you at your Complimentary Consultation, which can be booked via our website with a Nurse Practitioner.

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