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tattoo removal

Tattoo removal

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If you’re suffering from tattoo regret? you’ll be pleased to know there are safe and reliable options for tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal permits the removal of most tattoo inks. The newest system – Q-switched lasers, are particularly advanced in the removal of dark blue, black and red inks.

Book a tattoo removal consultation to discuss your options – our experienced team will advise the best approach.

About Laser Tattoo Removal

How many sessions and how much time between treatments?

The number of sessions required is as individual ass your tattoo. Determining the number of sessions required depends on type of ink, colour, thickness and location of ink.

  • Black is the easiest colour to remove followed by red.
  • Unique colours like yellow, green, purple and pink require additional treatments and are a little harder to remove.
  • Tattoos on the upper body require fewer sessions compared to tattoos located on the lower limbs.
  • Tattoo removal relies on lymphatic draining to help with tattoo ink being removed from the body which is why upper body tattoos remove more easily.
  • Your skin colour is also an important aspect of how many sessions will be required – fairer skin types on average require fewer treatments. This is due that darker skin types cannot be treated with higher energies due the higher risk of scarring.
  • Tattoos that are newer respond better than older tattoos. In time tattoos fade as the ink moves to deeper layers in the skin making it harder to treat.

On average treatments can vary between 12-16 sessions, spaced 4 weeks apart.

Does it hurt?

At Brisbane Skin we take patient comfort very seriously. We utilize numerous techniques to ensure our patients are comfortable. Topical anaesthetic can be applied one hour prior to treatment and we also ice the tattoo prior to treatment commencement. This machine also blows continuous cold air on the treatment area to help with any discomfort.

What does it look like afterwards?

Immediately following the treatment, frosting will be noted. This can persist for 1-12 hours post treatment, it may also be accompanied by swelling. Once the swelling and frosting has resolved the tattoo may remain pink/red for up to 1 week. Following this the tattoo will commence to fade.

Which laser do we use?

Here at Brisbane Skin we utilise the latest Pastelle Q-Switched laser. This has multiple wavelengths to tackle all colours and treat all skin types.

Who does the treatment?

At Brisbane Skin all of our laser practitioners have had extensive laser experience with renowned laser dermatologist, Dr Shobhan Manoharan and are registered with Queensland Radiation.

Can I have another tattoo over the top?

You can have a further tattoo ink over the top of a faded tattoo. We advise that you liaise with your tattoo artist to determine at what point it can be covered. Usually it is less treatments for another tattoo applied over the top however this varies on the original ink and the new tattoo design.

Laser Tattoo Removal Process


Skin is prepped for treatment.

Laser tattoo removal with Q-Switch laser.


Skin appearance immediately following treatment.