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CoolSculpting is an innovative and advanced treatment to reduce excess fat. It is a fat freezing procedure that destroys unwanted subcutaneous fat cells in different parts of the body. This technology involves no surgery and minimum expected downtime after the treatment. CoolSculpting is becoming hugely popular with more than 7 million treatment cycles performed around the globe.

CoolSculpting® this Autumn is $599 per cycle or pre-pay 4 cycles for only $1,596! ❄️

CoolSculpting® Treatment Areas

Abdomen / Love Handles

The stomach is one of the most common places the body stores fat & it can be very hard to reach this area with diet and exercise.

(2-4 cycles per treatment round*)


Inner and outer thigh areas can be particularly stubborn and the fat stored in each area is very different.

(2 cycles per treatment round*)

Back Fat

Lower back extending from love handles, the mid-back fat on the sides, and “bra bulge” fat under the bra line can all be treated.

(2 cycles per treatment round*)

Upper Arms

Fat that is fluffier and lumpier around the upper arms achieves great results, although CoolSculpting is not effective on sagging skin.

(2 cycles per treatment round*)


Pouches of fat underneath the buttocks can be treated to smooth out this area so that it’s slimmer and more contoured.

(2 cycles per treatment round*)

*All areas require at least 1-2 treatment rounds to achieve up to 27% reduction in fat. ❄️

Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.

About CoolSculpting®

The Science Behind CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure. The treatment involves a gel pad and applicator which are applied to a specific treatment area. This remits-measured cooling to the targeted area. In due course of time your body naturally eliminates these dead cells. The best part about this technology is fat reduction effects only the treated area and untreated areas have no change in fat cell distribution.

The result? A more sculpted ‘beautiful’ you.

Body evolution with CoolSculpting

Most of us struggle with unwanted subcutaneous fat. Despite endless hours at the gym, strict diets and long morning runs we fail to achieve desired body goals. Body parts such as abdomen, thigh, bra fat, flanks and upper arms are stubborn areas we tussle with and fail to find a solution to fix them The pathbreaking technology of CoolSculpting and its uncomplicated procedure can help you reshape your body and celebrate the new you.

Experiencing CoolSculpting treatment

It is a non-surgical procedure and is not painful. However, as the name suggests the treatment can be a little chilly. You might feel intense cold initially, but this feeling recedes as the controlled area numbs. The cooling is supplied via an applicator. Most applicators have a vacuum to draw fatty tissues into the applicator cup. During the treatment you might also feel some pulling, tugging or mild pinching.

About The Treatment

How it works

The CoolSculpting® procedure delivers precisely controlled cooling to target the fat cells underneath the skin. Treated fat cells are frozen, destroyed, and then over time, your body naturally eliminates these dead cells.

Your initial consultation

Your initial consultation will be with a trained CoolSculpting practitioner, you’ll get expert advice, a customised plan and a personalised assessment of your suitability for this treatment. The practitioner will answer all your concerns and questions related to the treatment and will advise next steps.

The practitioner also discusses specific parts of your body which needs treatment to eliminate unwanted fat. An overview and a holistic plan to treatment options from different aspects are discussed, leading to more focused and specific areas.

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Customised plans to reshape your body

Your CoolSculpting practitioner and medical professional will discuss and craft a plan that’s personalised to your body. The time and duration of the treatment various from person to person. Sometimes a single visit to the clinic might do the trick and you walk away with a sculpted body. However, if you have multiple body parts which needs attention and treatment, the process might take longer as everyone’s body is different and needs a customised approach. Your practitioner will offer expert advice on areas in your body which needs treatment and will explain the timeline of the treatment process as per your needs.

Fat Freezing During The CoolSculpting® Procedure

Many of us have unwanted subcutaneous fat despite diet and exercise.

CoolSculpting® technology uses controlled cooling to target and destroy only fat cells.

In the weeks that follow, your body naturally eliminates dead fat cells.

So treated fat cells are removed for good.

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