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Kleresca Acne Light Treatment

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Kleresca® Acne Light Treatment offers you a non-invasive biophotonic treatment using fluorescent light energy to stimulate your skin’s own repair mechanisms.

About Kleresca® Acne Light Therapy

What is Kleresca?

Kleresca is a new technology offered in Australia, introduced in April 2016. Dr Manoharan the only dermatologist in Queensland to offer this safe, non-invasive procedure that’s clinically proven to help improve acne and is ideal for those patients who do not wish to undertake other treatment options such as prescription medication.

How does it work?

BioPhotonics are used to treat acne and encourage the body’s own repair systems. A photo converter gel is applied to the skin and is then exposed to a safe, blue light which activates the gel and begins treating your acne.

How long is the treatment?

Each treatment takes approximately 20 minutes in total, including the application of the gel and exposure to the blue light.

What areas of the body does Kleresca treat?

Kleresca can be used to safely treat acne on most body parts, including the face, neck, legs, chest and back.

When do the results appear, and how long will they last?

Results generally begin to be seen after the second week of treatment and continue to improve long after the final treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

Unlike many treatment options, Kleresca only requires treatment for 6 weeks. Two treatments per week are recommended, resulting in a total of 12 treatments overall.

Does it hurt?

No, the warmth from the lamp is very comfortable and pleasant. Our patients sometimes tell us that it feels like lying on the beach on a summers day!

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