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Skincare for the Hands and Neck With Dr Shobhan Manoharan

In this bonus Ask An Expert episode we’re joined by Dr Shobhan Manoharan. A Fellow of the Australiasian Collage of Dermatologists, Foundation Member of the Australasian Society for Cosmetic Dermatology, member of the Australian Medical Association and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland and Griffith University, Dr Manoharan has worked in both the United Kingdom and Australia and has sub-specialised in cosmetic and laser dermatology.

traumatic scars

Scar Management with Dr Manoharan

Dr. Shobhan Manoharan is one of Australia’s most prominent laser and aesthetic dermatologists. He is the Medical Director of Brisbane Skin, Senior Clinical Lecturer, University of Queensland, and is an Advisory Board Member and Key Opinion Leader for a number of Device and Pharmaceutical companies.

Man With Hyperhidrosis Sweating Very Badly Under Armpit

The Truth Behind Hyperhidrosis

Dr. Shobhan Manoharan, Dermatologist and Director of Brisbane Skin joins HPR host Tabetha Moreto in conversation, where he discusses hyperhidrosis, the causes and the available treatments for it. He also talks about his passion for dermatology and his desire to help people with conditions such as hyperhidrosis.

Gorgeous, young woman with clean, fresh skin is touching own face. Cosmetology.

Why having a squeaky clean face might not be good for your skin

You probably remember your mum living by the three step skincare mantra of cleanse, tone, and moisturise. While to modern day regime has a fair few more steps (essences and serums and eye creams, oh my!), the basics still ring true. But how important is the humble cleanser? You’d think all foaming liquids are created equal, being that they are only on the face for a minute, max, right?

sun damage

Pimple problems

Dr Shobhan Manoharan is a dermotology spokesperson for the Australian Medical Association and is debunking a few myths around how to clear pimples

cellulite treatment

What is CoolSculpting?

Dr Shobhan Manoharan from is a Laser and aesthetic dermatologist and the Director of Brisbane Skin and Westside Dermatology in Brisbane. Recently he took some time to discuss a new fat reduction treatment with us – CoolSculpting.

sun damage

Why dirt is good for you

Are you a clean freak? Is your cupboard full of anti-bacterial products that promise to banish all the nasties from your home?