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Enlighten + Brighten Package

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Introducing Dr Manoharan’s formulated combination of PICO Genesis + minimal downtime, but maximum benefit, Fraxel LITE, plus we have included a Chemical Peel of your choice and LED treatment! Normally, $1,275 during the Social Season it is only $999.

PICO Genesis Laser

PICO Genesis laser procedure takes an entirely new approach to the treatment of pigmentation issues and skin revitalisation. This method combines the benefits of two highly effective wavelengths in ultra-short pulses to cause an intense, non-thermal, photo mechanical disruption and remodeling of the upper dermis.

What does this mean for you? A brighter, more uniform complexion in less treatment sessions than traditional methods.

Picosecond lasers are now being used for a variety of conditions, including skin toning, reducing hyperpigmentation, and building collagen. With virtually no downtime.

What does the package include?

  • PICO Genesis Laser Treatment
  • Fraxel LITE Laser treatment
  • Chemical Peel
  • LED Treatment

Fraxel LITE Laser

Fraxel is proven laser technology that can help address the visible appearance of age spots, sun spots and other pigmentation, as well as improve sun damaged skin. Our Fraxel LITE settings, stimulate collagen production, and resurfaces the top layer of skin, with virtually no downtime.

Our package also includes a maintenance program, a Chemical Peel of your choice (we will make recommendations) as well as a LED treatment.

Dr Manoharan’s  formulated combination of Pico Genesis + Fraxel  Lasers, along with Chemical Peel and LED Treatment, offers exceptional facial rejuvenation.

Social Season ‘Enlighten + Brighten’ Facial Rejuvenation Package $999, normally $1,275.

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