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face rejuvenation

RF Needling + PRP Package

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Did you know that completing a combination of  treatments increases the overall effectiveness of your final results?

Continued treatment is recommended to maintain + optimize long-lasting results.

RF needling

RF needling has become an increasingly popular treatment to address scarring, large pores, wrinkles, loose skin, stretch marks + acne breakouts. RF needling or micro needling triggers your natural healing process to stimulate increased collagen production.

RF needling + PRP Package

RF needling + PRP work together to engage the body’s naturally healing properties; creating a synergetic duo for enhanced restorative results – leaving you with smooth, repaired + revitalized skin

PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma) therapy is a stepwise medical treatment in which platelets are extracted from your blood and injected back into the skin, engaging your skin’s natural healing process for tissue repair and regrowth. Famously known as the “vampire facial,” PRP uses your own red and white blood cells for natural healing – providing patients with a supple, youthful glow.

Eye Rejuvenation – RF needling + PRP $700 (4 pack $2,500)

Full Face Rejuvenation – RF needling + PRP $1,500 (4 pack $5,400)

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