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In Your Thirties

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In your thirties is where all of the fun begins! By now you hopefully have a good relationship with us and your regular nurse and dermatologist – if not, it’s not too late! As people start to experience the signs of ageing around you, we can help you maintain your youthful glow and have people asking ‘what is your secret?’

What do you see in the mirror?

In your thirties there are four main areas that people generally become more attuned to and concerned about:

  • Skin cancers and sunspots starting to pop up
  • Wrinkles, sagging and general ageing
  • Pigmented, rough or uneven skin tone
  • Dull, lifeless skin

Thankfully, we can help you reverse any signs of ageing – we are the skin experts!

Start with a nurse consult

If you would like to find out where to start, a nurse consult is a great way to take that first step.

You will have the opportunity to talk with our specialist nurse regarding your concerns, who will be able to guide you on the next steps to take. We will talk through your current skin care regime, identify areas where you are having trouble and any concerns that you may have. Your nurse will remain with you to manage and maintain your plan during our time with us. She will help coordinate any treatments being done at Brisbane Skin, whether they be with a laser nurse, nurse injector, dermatologist or a combination!

Or go straight to a dermatologist

Dependant upon your concerns, it can be best to go directly to the dermatologist. Our dermatologists are experts in the treatment of ageing skin, including pigmentation problems (link), rosacea (link) and of course, the must-have check for skin cancers. This is the age group where skin cancers start to appear and may not be immediately recognised as such. Any growth on your skin is not meant to be there and should be checked – it is not just a cosmetic concern as many brush it off to be. It is a medical concern and should be checked, especially in our Australian climate!

What should I be doing to help?

Check your skin regularly and contact us if you have any changes that are out of the ordinary. Rough spots on your skin are often early cancers – let’s treat them together before they grow!

The benefits of rejuventation treatments in your 30s are twofold – you treat any skin cancers before they develop into larger growths requiring surgery, and you renew your skin to be soft and radiant like it was in your 20s!

A good skin care routine is a must, to keep the elasticity in your skin at its best, and mineral makeup is the only way to ensure that you don’t suffocate your skin!

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