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Skin rejuvenation using Fraxel: the original fractionated laser

Episode 144 hosts Dr Shobhan Manoharan, an internationally-renowned cosmetic and laser dermatologist based in Brisbane, Australia.

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He specialises in the use of energy based devices for both medical and cosmetic dermatology. Dr. Manoharan is a key opinion leader for Solta Medical, a brand of Bausch health.   Solta’s impressive technology portfolio includes Fraxel, Thermage, Clear + Brilliant, Isolaz, liposonix and VASERlipo.   After getting to know Dr Manohran we first define what we mean by skin quality and more interestingly, what our patients perceptions of their skin are.   We cover:

  • What defines ‘good skin’
  • Collagen and why this is so important for the skin’s quality and texture
  • How injectable patients often neglect their skin and the pitfalls to this
  • The basic of lasers and laser treatments
  • Ablative vs non-ablative lasers
  • Fraxel: the original non-ablative fractional laser
  • How energy based devices and injectables can be used synergistically

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